Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Leven Thumps: The Gateway to Foo (Book 1) *****

By Obert Skye
Sci-fi Fantasy


This series is hilarious! So imaginative and fun. Leven Thumps starts out just like Harry Potter did, both parents dead and two idiot relatives to care for him. He has no friends. He sleeps on the porch. He's their personal slave. He lives in a desolate town called 'Burnt Culvert',Oklahoma.
Winter Frore has similar issues. Her father ran off right before she was born. (Her parents were married). Her mother, a rude, lazy, obese slob, doesn't want her. When Winter discovers curious powers, she runs away and catches a train to Oklahoma. Why, she doesn't know or care. She just wants to be away.
When Leven finds out about Foo, a made-up world that makes it possible for man to hope and dream, and when Winter discovers her true purpose, their fates become intertwined. With the aid of other friends, can they ultimately stop Sabine, an evil man, from destroying Foo?

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michelle edwards joy said...

Thanks for the post India. Derek is looking for a new series. We will check it out!