Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Supernaturalist ****

By Eoin Colfer
Sci-fi / Fantasy
267 pages
GUNS ***

This book is really futuristic, exciting, and funny. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will, too! Cosmo Hill lives in the future on Satellite City, a cold, metal city controlled by computers and Mayor, Ray Shine. He is an orphan that lives at Clarissa Frayne: Institute for Parentally Challenged Boys, where they are literally testing medicine, new food items, and other revolting things from the government that are slowly killing him. But when Cosmo breaks free, he joins a group of kids that call themselves ‘The Supernaturalists’, after the supernatural creatures they hunt. His eyes are opened up to a whole new world filled with adventure. But when their perspective changes, will they continue?

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