Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Books of Bayern: Enna Burning (Book 2) *****

By Shannon Hale

DEATH ****
PERIL ****

Enna has such spunk and spirit. This book is definitely a warning that if you play with fire, you are sure to get burned. It does have some details on people getting consumed by fire and war, but it isn't too heavy.
Enna is devastated and has a heavy load of responsibility on her shoulders. Her mother is dead, and she has the chore of taking care of her older brother and the house. She can't leave her home, for her brother is often away, and she feels trapped. When her brother starts showing aggressive and mysterious behavior, Enna fears for his safety as she realizes he has the power of fire-speaking, a special language that was thought to have been lost long ago. When Bayern goes to war, Enna is tempted to try-out this new fire-speech, although warned by others that is among the most deadly of languages. Will Enna be consumed in the fire she has learned to love so much?

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