Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hachet ****

By Gary Paulsen
195 pages

PERIL ****

Youth, have your parents read this discription before reading this book.
Okay, to distinguish 'ADULT SITUATIONS' for this book, the main character's mother unexpectedly and randomly files for a divorce from her husband, and the character later admits seeing his mother with another man right before the divorce. After she gets the divorce, she keeps seeing this other man and never marries him.

Brian is off to visit his father in Canada by a two-passenger plane, when the pilot has technical difficulties and crashes them in the middle of the wilderness, where Brian has nothing to help him survive other than the clothes on his back and a hachet that had been clipped onto his belt before the crash. Devastated and scared, Brian must learn to make shelter, build a fire, and find food all by himself for who-knows-how-long. Will Brian ever be rescued?

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