Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rebecca ****

By Daphne Du Maurier

PERIL ****

This is a 'required' book for high school kids. There is LANGUAGE and ADULT SITUATIONS on a high level, so this book is not reccamended for readers younger than 14/15. It IS a good book, though. It is a murder mystery, also. Another reason for it to be only for high school age kids. If you have a younger reader who would like to read a mild murder mystery, 'The Westing Game' is a good juvinile murder mystery, and it is listed below.

It all starts out a dream from the secound Mrs. Maxim De Winter. Remembering the dreaded past, she recounts the events that lead her to be this way...
When the young, ignorant new bride arrives to Manderley, her husbands estate, she finds out about the first late Mrs. Maxim De Winter, Rebecca. In a daring plot with new discoveries around every corner, will she ever really find out what happened to the beloved Rebecca?

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