Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Shadow Children Sequence: Among the Hidden (Book 1) *****

By Margaret Peterson Haddix

DEATH ****

If you've read the book, 'The Giver' (By Louis Lowery), you'll like this series. I thought it was a really interesting point of view. Luke Garner lives in a time where the government allows only two children per family. Luke is a third child, and has been in hiding for the whole twelve years of his life. While his parents go to work, and his brothers go to school, he hides in the attic, terrified that the 'Population Police' will find him out, and arrest him just for being born. He thought he was all alone, until one day, he saw a light in a neighboring window. In a house where the family already has two boys who were at school. As Luke's life is twisted and squeezed for all the truth, will the Luke have the courage to come out of hiding and aid a friend in the end?

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