Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Matilda *****

By Roald Dahl


A cute book. Roald Dahl is so funny and gotta love it! What happens when a child is born to idiot parents? Well...Matilda happened exactly that way. At one years old, she was reading. At four years old, her vocabulary surpasses her elders. But her parents could care less. Her father owns a car dealership, where he cheats people for a living by jacking-up the cars he sells. Her mother plays bingo all day, and her brother goes to school and goofs off. They leave her all alone all day every day to fend for herself, and she dreams of going to school. When they finally do send her to school, they send her to the worst possible school that's ruled by the horrible Principle Ms. Trunchbull herself, who finds pleasure in torturing little children. When Matilda discovers powers within herself, can she us them against her enemies?

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