Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Books of Bayern: The Goose Girl (Book 1) *****

By Shannon Hale

PERIL ****

I think this is a really good princess-ey book. Not too gushy, the Princess isn't some cowardly weakling locked up in her tower, it isn't cheesy. It is also very clean! Princess Isidora was raised by her beloved Aunt, who told her that certain people were born with special gifts. There are five; Nature-speaking, Animal-speaking, Water-speaking, Fire-speaking, and People-speaking. She told her that when the world was born, everyone knew these sacred languages, but they have slowly faded away as they were forgotten. Her Aunt herself has animal-speaking, as does Isi. When Isi's father dies, her notorious mother takes over, disthrones Isi from being heir, and sends her away to wed a Prince in another Kingdom that she has never meet. When Isi's lady-in-waiting rebels, Isi is forced to go into hiding and work as a lowly Goose Girl. Will Isi ever take her rightful place as Princess?

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