Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inkdeath (Book 3) *****

Cornelia Funke
663 pages


I really enjoyed this series! This is the final book in the series, and my favorite. Cornelia Funke has such a beautiful way of writing and is very descriptive, and I like the details she puts in. They are not boring details, either.
Mo is being engulfed in his role as the Bluejay. He no longer feels like book-docter-Mo, and finds excitement and joy in protecting the people of Ombra from the Milksop and the Adderhead's henchmen. Meanwhile, Farid is desperately trying to find a way to reserect his dearest friend, Dustfinger, with the help of Orpheus. The book that Mo bound for the Adderhead is, indeed, keeping him alive, but is leaving him sickly. In a daring chase, can Mo rid Inkworld of the Adderhead for good?

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